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The Benny Steveninck Collection

It is unlikely that a fancier could have been more successful in the provincial and national grand middle distance and light long distance than Benny Steveninck from Hamme, a town in East-Flanders, where he dominated the competition. The result is an unprecedented list of results, a bucketful of first prizes, a long series of provincial victories and a national win from Limoges! No wonder he is seen as the Ludo Claessens of Belgian pigeon racing. This Dutch champion owed his countless successes to his ‘Supercrack-line’; the Belgian Steveninck family from Hamme counts on superstar ‘Chipo’ for their greatest achievements in the international competitions, which brought them world wide acclaim. The breeding qualities of his birds are phenomenal and that is what made them so tough to beat. These pigeons are of course included in the ‘Royal Collection’. Again Roger Debusschere spent his money and bought some of the very best pigeons from Hamme. He obtained no less than three sons of top breeder ‘Chihaut 98’, two brothers of the 1st Nat. Limoges against 16.893 pigeons, a son and a daughter of ‘Crack’, two full brothers of ‘Chipo’ and a grandson of ‘Chipo’. They are doing great in their new home in Lokeren; maybe some more pigeons will be transferred from Hamme to Lokeren in the future.