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Roger Debusschere is a man who likes challenges. Many years ago he used to be a Nissan car dealer in Londerzeel, where he was known for providing quality and giving excellent customer service. He wanted to make sure his customers were satisfied. This philosophy of life has made him a respected figure.
As a fancier he takes the same approach. Initially he had a loft in Londerzeel (under the name of Loft Centralin Debusschere) where he had his first successes, including a national win from Bourges! Later on he quit his job as a car dealer and he moved to the Drongenstraat in Lokeren. Now he had more time to spend on his pigeons and his approach has led to a very successful career as a fancier in Lokeren. Roger Debusschere knew very well that the key to a successful career is to obtain the very best breeding pigeons available and to use them as the basis for a top class family of pigeons. This is the only way to achieve top results and successes. In the lofts in Lokeren they wanted to have the very best pigeons in their breeding and racing lofts at all costs. To achieve this they are always looking for the most successful pigeons at that moment; preferably descendants of exclusive birds... These are usually unattainable (and too expensive) for the average fancier. For example, he has obtained a collection of Ludo Claessens pigeons and birds of Benny Steveninck, Vandenabeele and Casaert and more recently some pigeons of Cools. If possible he purchases the cracks themselves (think of ‘Etterbak’, ‘Triple Silver Barcelona’, ‘Barcelonacrack’, etc.). We admit it is quite an expensive hobby but top quality birds do not come for free. Roger Debusschere is well aware of the basic rule in pigeon racing:
- cracks stem from cracks
- first prize winners stem from first prize winners
- ace pigeons stem from ace pigeons

If you have the ambition to become a top class pigeon fancier you have no choice but to use high quality pigeons or their descendants. That is why Roger Debusschere is on a constant search for the very best birds for his lofts; the best pigeons available. Obviously not every new purchase is a guaranteed success. But his countless results and references give a good indication of the sheer quality and the breeding value in the lofts of Roger Debusschere, now and in the past. No wonder the media all over the world calls his breeding loft in Lokeren the ‘Royal Collection’.

The ‘Royal Collection’ New Dimension!
Standing still is not an option… this applies especially to pigeon racing. When Roger Debusschere decided to move to Lokeren he used the same approach as in Londerzeel, where he focused on the races from grand middle distance to light long distance as well as the national classics for young birds. As soon as his own pigeons had arrived home Roger would join some of his fellow fanciers who were waiting for their birds in the national long distance races, especially the international extreme long distance classics from Barcelona and Perpignan. He really enjoyed the sensation of a marathon race and that is why he decided to buy a few marathon pigeons too. He wanted to experience the sensation himself. In no time he achieved some great successes, including a 1st Nat. Zone A St. Vincent ’04, a 1st Prov. & 2nd Nat. Zone A St. Vincent ’08, a 3rd Nat. Zone A Irun ’07 along with several first prizes from Barcelona, St. Vincent and Perpignan at local level. As a result Roger decided to focus entirely on the old birds competition in the heavy long distance, especially the classics from Barcelona and Perpignan! He searched for some new reinforcements with these new goals in mind. He soon won his first top prizes; his local victory from Barcelona 2012 was the best result of a great 2012 season! Despite his successes Roger Debusschere decided to no longer focus on the international classics. The reason is that he was not pleased with the last editions of Barcelona; he thinks the classic is no longer what it used to be. In 2010 the pigeons had to cross a thunderstorm, which turned the classic into a very difficult and an impossible race even at international level. In 2011 some baskets were stolen in Barcelona, including three of Roger Debusschere. In 2012 the pigeons were released in the afternoon (at 2 o’clock), although this had never been discussed. These incidents made Roger decide to no longer play overnight races and to no longer put all his eggs in one basket. In 2012 he still won 24 prizes from 60 birds that were basketted, starting at prize 49° Int. Barcelona from 25.350 birds. He returned to his old trade and since the national one day long distance classics have a growing popularity he wanted to try his luck there, getting back to his roots. Of course Roger was aware that he needed some new and especially faster pigeons for this competition. It did not take him long to find a new team of racers, the so called ‘Royal Collection New Dimension’. This collection will be presented to you on our website.

A breeder rather than a racer
Roger Debusschere has always been on the outlook for better pigeons and for him it is a challenge to breed the best pigeon possible... this explains his continuous search for today’s first class pigeons, the best birds in pigeon racing at the moment. In his own loft Roger wants to play the national (one day) long distance races (over 400 to 800km) with the old birds and the yearlings. In order to know which pigeons are good and which are not he made a deal with the national long distance champion Damien Baert, who will be housing two rounds of young birds each year. The aim is to let them excel in the races of 500km under the name of Baert-Debusschere. They will be racing both young and old birds, with Roger as the breeder and Damien as the player! But of course there is always a chance that the two fanciers are tempted to play the national long distance races as well... But in the meantime they will be concentrating on the nationals with the young birds and the national grand middle distance with the yearlings and the old birds.

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